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What could you do if you felt scared and just did it anyway?

      Sorrow, imagination, empathy, inspiration………and ultimately people.   That’s what got this relatively quiet introverted person out of her comfort zone to organize a fundraiser for our beloved Nepal. Event Organiser would be somewhere on my list of nightmare jobs but somehow that’s what I did. It’s made realize that if you care intensely about something you really can do things that you might normally run a mile from.

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Flying Visit

When you are mum of four and three year old girls the prospect of two weeks on your own is pretty exciting (not that they aren't amazing and lovely and everything but you know...... they're pretty intense!).  Combine this with a trip to your favourite city, Kathmandu, a wallet full of money to spend and the knowledge that you will be making your next six months of work infinitely more interesting, by buying lots of new lovely stuff with said money, and it all adds up to a pretty great work trip!!

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Hemp & Nettle Rucksacks

This year I was privileged to venture back to a country close to my heart, this time with David and our two daughters.  Nepal is land of colours and contrasts, enclosed in a tiny area – soaring snowy peaks and flat tropical plains, yaks and cows, saffron sadhus and maroon monks, Buddhist Stupas and Hindu Temples. It’s a beautiful country where life’s harsh realities are ever present. It’s a country I fell in love with 20 years ago when I worked in a remote village.  It’s a place that taught me to be me, to appreciate the small things, not take things for granted (as well as how to keep walking uphill for 6 hours still smiling!).  It’s a place...

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Road Trippin'

Stock for six markets, four Sky Gypsies, two bikes, one scooter, one glider and everything else for two weeks away crammed into a small van and caravan. Combine the above with faulty electrics, stormy weather, a late start and a long drive, for an intense day………But phew……... breathe ………we are away on the start of our road trip north.We wake to sunshine and a ‘jumping pillow’ outside our van meaning a day of bouncing, recovering and relaxing in Jurien Bay. The next day is our 1st market. Its forecast to rain like crazy. We set up small, it gets busy and crowded and I wonder if we were right to squash in but then the rain floods down. We zip...

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